Spagnolli Vini


Name of wineVallagarina I.g.t. Riesling
Grape varietyRiesling Renano
Production areavineyard situated on high hill at an altitude of about 600 metres  on clayey soils and considerable presence of skeleton. 
Growing systemvines row
Harvestingby hand, usually at the end of September
Vinificationwhite winemaking, working immedialy after harvest, grapes are crushed gently and fermantation at controlled temperature. Maturation in steel inox tank and in the bottles for some months
Averege production800 bottles
Colourstraw yellow
Bouquethint complex, mineral and hydrocarbon
Tastefull, dry and distinctly citrate
Best withas aperitif, dishes with fish
Serving temperature8-10° C
Vintage on saleblend 2013-2014-2015