Spagnolli Vini

About us

We are a small family run winery and have been in the market for sixty years. We produce about 50 thousand bottles a year and a limited production of classic method sparkling wine.

Our great passion for wine has been passed on to us by our father Enrico and before him by our grandfather who had always worked in the wine sector.



Our history

In 1955 Enrico Spagnolli, with his unforgettable friend Riccardo Cobbe, started harvesting and fermanting grapes in the historical vaults of Casa Ravagni in Isera. He did this with great passion, continuously trying to improve the quality of his product and always giving a big warm welcome to whoever visited the cellar.

In 1979, for organizational and technological reasons, the winery moved to its current location in Via Rosina a few hundred meters from the old cellar. This allowed us to pull over to the old wooden barrels, which are still used, tanks and machines required by the innovation.


The winery has always been open to occasional or regular visitors since the very beginning, our father loved to entertain them with delighful stories in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Today, as then, the winery, is still open to visits an wine tasting and our commitment is carry on his values as cordiality, fairness, simpicity and tradition.




Our team

Daniele Spagnolli

Piera Spagnolli
Administration and commercial

Luisa Spagnolli
Point of sale


Vincenzo Spagnolli